Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas finds

It's been busy busy busy around here.  Last week my mom came in on Thursday.  We went down to Dallas to see my cousin Gracie in her starring role as Laurie in "Oklahoma".  It was her 13th birthday too!  Lord, where have those 13 years gone?!?

On Friday, we went to Canton to the Trade Days.  It was a total fiasco.  I've never seen so many people.  I don't do well with crowds.  That's why I start Christmas shopping months in advance.  Mom decided to stay Friday night too, because she had some craft projects she had volunteered me to do... two more Tech wreaths!  Saturday morning, we did a bit more running around.  It was in this trip of errands that I encountered this vintage looking Frosty.  Frosty had to come home with me!

I love him so much!  My great-grandmother had tons of these plastic Christmas yard art down in her cellar.  I was constantly trying to get everyone to let me pull it out when I was little.  I never had success.  When I saw this guy, I knew I had to have him.  They had several other pieces, but I decided one vintage 1950's looking yard ornament and I was quaint, but several, and I was the crazy lady who lives down the street!

In my other adventures over the past few days, I've seen several cute Christmas items...

How cute is this Tervis tumbler?  I didn't buy it, but I'm hoping to find it in a larger size.  Then that snoopy cup is mine!

I bought these little glass ornaments at Pottery Barn.  I mean mix my love of Christmas with my love of London, how could I pass that up!  And they were only $3 each!!!


Legally Lovely said...

I love the vintage frosty! I love anything vintagey, but especially the frosty! That'll look really cute come Christmastime.


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