Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Golden Globes 2013

One of my very favorite "seasons" began on Sunday... awards season!  I know there was a People's Choice Award a week or so ago, but I'm an awards snob and don't count that one.  My Award Season includes:  The Golden Globes, SAG, Grammys, and Academy Awards.

I am so behind on my movies this year that I honestly couldn't pull for one nominee over the other (I plan to remedy that by SAG, or definitely by the Oscars), but that is part of the beauty of the Globes, there are television nominees too!  So I did get to watch those categories with some knowledge, though many I found myself too torn to have an opinion one way or the other.  Take the best Television Drama category...I mean Homeland vs. Boardwalk Empire vs. The Newsroom vs. Downton Abbey!  Why not make me choose between my right leg, left leg, right arm, or left arm!  I could not possibly choose!

One thing I did feel more than capable of judging though...the fashion!

I liked Julianne Hough in this little number by Monique Lhullier.
I don't think that the dress alone was a wowsa, but I think it was the styling that made me like it.  
I liked the princessy dress juxtaposed with the rocker hair-do.

I enjoyed Juliann Moore in this little diddy that Tom Ford whipped up for her...

I also liked Eva Longoria's dress by Pucci.  I loved the lace.  I loved the sleeves.  I thought the back was gorgeous, but I wish the leg slit had been a little less high...

Nicole Kidman looked great in Alexander McQueen...

Good grief!  I'm liking lots of black dresses!  Here's some color...

I loved Jennifer Garner, but I almost always do.  I thought she and Ben were just adorable.  I loved her red Vivienne Westwood gown...

I would have liked Jennifer Lawrence's gown by Dior...

except it did a weird thing with her boobs when viewed from the side...

Before I pick my fav, let me dish about the disasters.

Halle Berry looked terrible in her Versace dress...

and Sienna Miller was just a big ol' doily in her Erdem dress...

And I just couldn't hop on board with Jessica Chastain's whole look (she wore Calvin Klein). 
The dress was too droopy.  The hair too...too...too all around terrible!

I think my favorite of the evening was...

........Drum roll.....

Kate Hudson in McQueen!

I know some people loved it, and some people hated it, but for me, it's all Love Love Love!

As far as seeing the nominated films, I realized yesterday that I have not been to see a movie since Good Friday when I saw Moonrise Kingdom!  What on earth?!?!  

I made a list of movies to see:

Les Mis
Zero Dark Thirty
Silver Linings Playbook

if I get really ambitious, I'll add:

Django Unchained
Beasts of the Southern Wild

Life of Pi is the only one I have absolutely zero interest in seeing.

Here is my plan of attack:  I saw that Argo is being released on DVD on 2/19, so my plan is to wait until that week and catch it on Apple TV.  Beast of the Southern Wild has already been released, so that would be easy to see as well.

Yesterday, I took a long lunch and saw Silver Linings Playbook.  I don't really have any order to my list, as I'm just seeing whichever movie is playing at a convenient time.  Today, I wanted to go again, but I got wrapped up in other things (Work, ugh!  How annoying!).  

Did you watch?  Did your favorite movie or television shows win?
Whose dress did you love?  Hate?


Samantha said...

YES YES AND YES for McQueen!!


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