Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Sad Purchase

When I left the hotel in San Marcos a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally left behind a Vera Bradley Brush case that contained my beloved Trish McEvoy makeup brushes.  Of course, the maid did not turn them in to lost and found.  I've called a bunch of times, just to make sure they didn't turn up.  I'm sure some maid is very excited about the Vera bag that can be purchased on sale for less than $20, and likely has no idea of the gold mine that it contains. 

My brushes weren't new, but because they cost a bunch, I took very good care of them, and they were in great shape.  So I had to head out upon returning home to buy some new brushes.  I was fortunate in a sense, because Nordstrom was having their Anniversary Sale (aka: one of my favorite holidays of the year!).  When I went to the store, the pre-sale had just started.  They had a pretty good brush set that they were selling for the sale.  It didn't contain the exact brushes that I had lost, but one of the brushes I lost (the Number 6 brush), had stopped being produced, but had been brought back for this special set. 

So I did the math... Option One:buy the set, plus supplement 3 additional brushes I would need, or Option 2: just repurchase the brushes I needed.  It turned out cheaper to do option 1, even though it resulted in getting more brushes. 

This is the case that they came in, which you can bet will be stuck to me like glue the next time I'm packing up in a hotel!
This was my main purchase at the Anniversary Sale this year.  I didn't intend to have to shell out a large sum to replace something I already owned, but honestly, there wasn't a ton of stuff calling my name this year.
I went back after payday on the 15th, and placed an order online for some Spanx and some PJ's for my Mom (I wouldn't have said anything on here, but it's not a surprise because I asked if she wanted them before I ordered).  I planned to get myself some new Ray-Bans also, but when I went to the store today, they were sold out, and it seems that they are sold out company wide.  It's a total bummer because I've been watching them online daily and they showed to be in stock at all stores up until today of course.  I guess if you snooze, you lose! 
Did anybody else get to the Anniversary sale and get anything good?


Rebeka said...

Ohh I love the anniversary sale but I haven't made it to Nordstrom yet. I don't know how I've managed to wait this long, I'm sure everything is gone by now. #fail


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