Friday, July 5, 2013


This summer, a local farmer has planted sunflowers in several fields in the area.  I don't recall seeing these sunflower fields in years past.

Of course, farm land is getting less plentiful since this is the fastest growing county in the country, so the fields are interspersed with retail establishments, housing additions, etc.
This one was located right next to a Walmart, and it was drawing tons of people.  Some people, let's call them the county idiots, were traipsing through the fields trampling flowers and even cutting some.  Like I said, idiots.  It was such a problem, that it made the Dallas news.  Mostly though, people just stopped and enjoyed a good photo op.
After several hot and dry days, the fields look pretty sad now, but for a bit of time, they made the daily drive around here quite happy.
Happy Friday!



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