Sunday, March 16, 2014

A little sprucing

After the Christmas tree came down, I decided to do a little sprucing up in the living room (and subsequently the breakfast room as I've already talked about).  In the corner of the living room, where the big Christmas tree goes,  I have always had a big fake ficus tree.  It was a really nice fake ficus tree when I got it back in 2003, but 11 years later, it had seen better days.  It was literally falling apart.

While I would have loved to have found a large fiddle leaf fig to replace the ficus, they are (1) hard to find, (2) expensive, (3) take more light that I could give it, and (4) I would probably kill it ASAP.  But it would have been pretty...
Image from pinterest, but I couldn't find original source

After researching into, and looking for a fiddle leaf fig, I decided to change course and look for a chair.  I couldn't kill a chair.  I found a nice chair for a good price at Homegoods, and then one thing led to another and I was doing a more substantial sprucing than I originally planned.  I needed new artwork.  I needed new curtains.  I needed a new side table.  I needed something to put on the side table.

Luckily, I have a lot of stuff stored that I'm not currently using, so that's always a great place to start.  And for what I don't have, I have a knack for finding things on the cheap.  

Here's a glimpse of some of the changes (some things are still in the works)...

I didn't love the legs on the chair, so I bought new legs.  They have been stained, but I keep forgetting to buy a poly to put on them.  Eventually, this chair will looked even better with the spindle legs I bought for it.  

I next decided that I wanted new curtains.  They were just a solid beige.  They were in the house when I bought it 9 years ago.  I decided I had gotten plenty of use out of them, so I started the hunt for new curtains.  Man!  Curtains are so expensive!

The curtains I settled on were a great deal from Kirklands.  If you need some pretty curtains, but don't want to spend a ton, take a look at Kirklands.  I originally bought both beige and red curtains.  I hung one of each on the two windows in my living room.  I took photos and put it to a vote amongst my friends and family.  The red overwhelmingly won the vote.  They were really pretty, but the red was all I could see when I looked at the room.  I decided I didn't want the curtains to be that overpowering, so I went with the boring beige.

I had a big empty wall space above the chair, which the old ficus had hidden.  I decided to turn the large wall in my living room into a gallery wall.  This is still a work in progress.  I had the painting of Taos pueblo that my Meme painted for me back in the 90's.  It had been stored and unused for a while, so I decided to frame it and get it on display.  I found those two Ikat pictures at Kirklands.

Once I got all of that done, I decided that I needed a side table.  After a couple of months of looking, I found this table at Homegoods last week.
I hit up my CRAP accessories closet and quickly styled it.  I don't know if it will stay this way, but I can live with it for a bit and see what I might want to change.

I had this herb pot from Anthropologie and some fake grass for texture.  If I get brave, I might try to put something live in the pot!

I love books, and I particularly love these old compilations of the works of Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde.  They are from 1950.
 I thought this little coral ceramic bird is a nice pop of color and great for spring.

So that's some of the sprucing that I've been doing in my living room.  I'll update you on the gallery wall when I get it to where I want it to be!


Rebeka said...

The changes you made look great. I love fiddle leaf fig and ficus trees, but they are so expensive and I am constantly killing my house plants and replacing them so I get why you wouldn't want to invest if you don't think they'll get enough light.


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