Friday, March 6, 2015


Well, I didn't blog the whole month of February.  I think that may be the first time, I've gone an entire month.  There are no real great excuses for my absence, but I certainly find myself wondering where the entire month went.  I can't believe it's already time for Spring Break!

Here is what I was up to in February...

I got a new mattress... I love the mattresses that The Melrose in Georgetown has on their beds.  I mentioned this to my uncle, and since he works for the company that owns that hotel, he has the ability to order me the same mattress (at cost!).

Lola and I had a big Valentine's Day.  I was ridiculously spoiled by my friends & family!

Lola was spoiled too...

I took Lola on lots of walks when the weather permitted
We had several bad weather days... a sleet day, an ice day, and a couple of snow days.  Lola and I both enjoyed curling up under our Vera Bradley throw blanket

I feel the need to bake on bad weather days too.

Snow bunny is ready to come inside

Our biggest event in February was on the 17th, when Lola turned 10 years old!
New birthday toys!

I feel like most of these events were documented in real time on instagram.  Follow me @legallyblondekf if you want in on the instagram party



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