Friday, August 28, 2015

A Decade Later...

Tennessee Williams said, "America has only three cities:  New York,  San Francisco,  and New Orleans.  Everywhere else is Cleveland."   While I could pick a few other great American cities and throw them in the mix, I share his overall sentiment.  Just like I also share Adrei Codrescu's feelings on New Orleans... "How did you fall in love with New Orleans?  At once, madly.  Looking back, sometimes I think it was predestined".  New Orleans is without a doubt one of my favorite cities in the world.  It is, quite possibly, my favorite city in the United States.

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since Katrina hit.  I recall exactly where I was sitting and watching the television for hours as the storm rolled toward that great city.  Of course, like most of us, I was glued to the television watching with horror in the days and weeks that followed.  I didn't get back to the city I love until about 6 months after the storm.  There was still so much devastation.  But as I've gone back over the years, it's been amazing to see the resiliency of the city.

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"When you go to New Orleans, you're not just going to a city, you're going to an entire culture." James Carville

"New Orleans makes it possible to go to Europe without ever leaving the United States."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt



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