Monday, August 10, 2015

{Confessions of a Product Junkie}... summer color

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?  

While there is some dispute about whether the evil step mother was asking about beauty or a fair complexion, in this post case, we are definitely talking about the latter.  I went to the makeup counter several weeks ago, and you'd have thought a unicorn walked in and sat down in the make-up chair...I got "wow!  you are really the fairest of the fair!  do you plan on getting a tan?".

I am super fair, but a weird fair, in that I can actually tan.  I just don't.  And I don't use fake tanning products because I seem to be allergic to them, and even if I could put up with the itching, they stink.   So, I need to get my summer color from somewhere, and that's what this post is all about... here is list of the products I'm using this summer for a little color.

{Eye Shadow}

I got this Tom Ford Cream and Powder eye shadow earlier this spring, and I LOVE IT.  Apparently lots of people love it because two colors are sold out, including the color that I purchased.  These are the color options still in stock...

I got the bronze color.  You have a cream that you dab on your finger, put on your eye lids, and then you open the powder portion, dab that on your finger, and then onto the top of the cream you've placed on your lid.  So easy!  That's one reason it's great for summer.  One product and you've knocked out your eye color.  You can see the color I have, and also, that I tap the inside of the lid to get the excess product off of my finger before application.  It really only takes a small amount.  This way, I'm not wasting any either. 

I've been using the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Bronzer this summer.  It gives enough color without creating a "dirty" look that I feel like lots of bronzers end up giving me.  It may be more about the brush I'm using than the bronzer though.  I bought the Laura Mercier Finishing Brush because it only allows a small amount of product to go onto the skin.  

I still wear a blush in addition to the bronzer, and I've been wearing my Nars Blush in the color "orgasm", which is the color that has won more awards than you can count, and I think looks good on almost every skin color.


I brightened my lip color this summer.  I'm still wearing Tom Ford, which I think is stupid expensive, but the best dang lip color out there.  I switched to a Matte this summer, and I got the Tom Ford Matte Lip Color in Pussycat

{Nail Polish}

I do my own manicures/pedicures.  I haven't paid for one in over 3 years.  I don't generally think of the ability to paint my own nails as a "skill", but many of my friends have assured me this is a "skill" that they don't have, so maybe it is.  From my perspective, it's just something I'm able to do myself, so I prefer to do it myself, and save money for something else I'd rather buy.  I have been a Butter London devotee for several years.  Yeah, it's more expensive than OPI or other brands, but I never really pay full price.  If you watch, you can catch deals at Ulta or Nordstrom.  

While I have more colors than I want to admit, my go to summer colors for my pedicure are...

It's described as a tropical, fuchsia pink creme

It is described as an orange-y coral nail lacquer.



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