Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DIY Boot Shapers

Do you have tall boots that flop over, or won't stand up on the shelf or bottom of your closet?  I had this problem a few years ago, and I went to my go-to place for organization, The Container Store, for a solution.  The solutions I found were kinda pricey though, so I set out to find a cheaper solution to my problem.  I have been using my DIY Boot Shapers for a couple of years, and they work great, so I'm sharing it with you today.

It's the perfect time of year to share this secret because...  (1) You need pool noodles for this project, (2) pool noodles become hard to find in fall and winter months, and (3) pool noodles are currently on sale!

I have always purchased my noodles at Walmart.  Specifically, the monster noodles.  I think they work best because they are bigger around than the regular pool noodles.  They usually run about $8, which is still reasonable because you get 2 sets of shapers out of each noodle, so $4 per set doesn't sound too bad.  BUT...they are on sale!  As they are getting ready to get rid of the pool noodles for the season, I just scored one for $3.88.  Let me do the math for you...that's $1.94 per set of boot shapers!
So here are the 3 things you need to complete this project ... (1) A Monster Noodle
(2) A Bread Knife (I found that a serrated bread knife worked best), and (3) a measuring tape (obviously you could skip this if you are comfortable eyeballing it.
I measure the length of the noodle, and then cut it in half.  I then take each half, and cut it in half too.
Boom!  2 sets of shapers!
Last step is to put them inside of your boots!
Now enjoy a more organized closet and boots that don't crease.  Also, congratulate yourself on being so thrifty and crafty!



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