Friday, August 14, 2015

My Next Adventure

I love a great adventure, and I've been actively planning my next one...
Yep!  In December I will be heading to England, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary.  I'm super excited because it will be near Christmas and the christmas markets of Europe will be in full swing.  I've booked my flight, booked my hotels, and I'm actively researching what exactly I need to see in each and every location.  

At first I just planned on Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, but when I realized I had to fly through London, I couldn't fly to my favorite place on earth and not stop.  Especially since I figured out that it didn't cost anymore for the flight if I made my layover in London 24 hours of less.  So I will be in London for 23 hours and 55 minutes!  But since I arrive at 7:25 a.m., that will give me plenty of time to drop my bags at the hotel, and spend a whole day seeing my favorite city decked out in it's Christmas decor, and hitting up my favorite spots.  

I'll fly to Prague early the next day, then take a train to Vienna a couple of days later, a train to Budapest the next day, and finally after a couple of days, fly back home via another long layover in London (though probably not long enough to go into the city, but plenty long to shop all of the duty free shops at Heathrow including Harrods!).  

I can't wait.  In fact, during the current 100'+ weather, I'm collecting cold weather items for my hand warmers, feet warmers, fleece lined tights, winter hats, etc.  People think I'm nuts, but thinking about being cold on my trip is getting me through this Texas heat!

Anyone who has been to London at Christmas, or the other locations, please be sure to tell me what you loved the most!



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